Sunday, July 22, 2012

Street Theater/Little Library

I forgot that last week I actually reunioned with FIVE old friends instead of four.  Here, right here in McNally Jackson is someone I hadn't seen in well over ten years, mostly because she lives in London.   This photo and mention also serves as a sneak preview of an upcoming Guest Blogger installment.  While I was thoroughly enjoying my time with my London friend this amazing boy (see him on the far left??) strolled in while we were chatting wearing 1990 club kid white vinyl platform boots and neon orange hot pants, plus harness.  It was one of those quintessential New York moments:  just your typical Wednesday afternoon in the city.

Below you'll see that a new season of Shakespeare in the Parking Lot has commenced:  The Merry Wives of Windsor (Towers) is now playing in the municipal parking lot on Ludlow Street.  These productions feature equity actors and everything and like their flashier cousin in Central Park are absolutely free.  (Two years ago, Lara and her Utah teens attended a production.)

Lastly, after Prune, Claire and I walked up to the Standard East Village hotel to see the little Beat Literature library in one of the common areas.  It does crack me up that there are more sunglasses and eyeglass frames for sale then Beat Lit titles to peruse.  And when has Norman Mailer been considered a Beat?

In other news, I've been finishing up my online class today.  My birthday week starts tomorrow!

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