Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Provo bonnet
I love Pioneer Day, the holiday celebrating/commemorating a group of people moving en masse out of tight places and arriving into the big open, but no one in New York City does, except maybe for my fellow Utahans in exile.  This sunbonnet photo was taken in New York, but the bonnet comes from Provo.  I was with Lara when I bought it many Pioneer Days ago.
I wore my sunbonnet today.  Sometimes it was on my head.  Sometimes I just carried it.  After work, I landed here to do my Artist Way pages.  In them, I discovered that next year I need to be in Utah for Pioneer Day.  I know that's not a major breakthrough, but I was happy about it.

I drained a giant glass mug of green tea.  Then I walked to Whole Foods in my bonnet and bought some food in order make some semblance of a Pioneer Day super for Z and S.  I made them watch this. I was confused by the ending of this, though.:  

Later, I watched this movie about a punk pioneer on headphones and a DVD player while cleaning up:

This is the actual, non-fiction Darby who appeared in Penelope Spheeris' documentary of the LA punk movement.  Darby died in 1980 on the same day as Lennon:

Also, today I wrote a story directly inspired by my bonnet.  I'm writing a story a day for my birthday week and you can read them here.

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