Friday, July 6, 2012

beautiful dresses, happy beautiful day

i got a little choked up
it's always a good day when you get to dress up.

& it's a great day when someone you love finds a person who loves her and will take good care of her.  yesterday we celebrated my sister's wedding.  she was more beautiful then i've ever seen her in a vintage 50's tea length dress and baby daisies in her hair.  her groom was handsome and hilarious.

we danced and ate and sang until late (ish).

c. organized the music, which was the highlight of the whole thing.

other highlights were these:

1) ingrid & anna's chocolate wedding cake with fresh cherries, ganache, and a creme fraiche frosting.

the BEST cake.

2) noelle's teal dress with kelly green belt.

i loved noelle's colors.
3) cecily's version of dolly parton's love is like a butterfly, accompanied by joanna on guitar.

rad arco solo.

4) the band's version of starla.  i'll put up a recording of it some time.  c. wrote it for me on our anniversary in 2000.

5) tony's last minute "jazzing up" of the entrance to the house.

6) a mob of dancing children.

love this bcbg dress.

7) eva's thrifted red bcbg dress.

8) jordan sitting in on sax.

9) hilary's laugh.

all four of the best dresses were thrifted.
10)  spending all day in the kitchen with my favorite ladies.

11) david mowing the lawn in pouring rain.

12) the pouring rain clearing up just in time.

13) joe's radiohead cover.

14) i know i'm forgetting more highlights, but these are the ones that come time mind in my tired, tired, fuzzy brain.

the buffet table.

an army of sisters, brothers, aunts, daughters, parents, and friends came together to make it happen.  it was a good, communal event and i'm left today feeling both happy and exhausted, and bidding farewell to siblings nieces and nephews until we make the trek to arizona again in the fall.

lots of chopping and dip making.

looking forward: to a movie at the broadway, hiking, yoga, resting.

inspiration: family unity.


  1. I am full of envy. It looks just like a tarkovsky film.

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