Friday, July 13, 2012

pie queen & french salad

ingrid baking in pearls, frilly apron, and heels.
something about this heat & this boredom--the midsummer stall--has made us run for the kitchen.  it's nonsense.  we should be lazing by a stream in the mountains.

she's so careful about the directions, which is why she excels as our resident pastry chef.
yesterday ingrid constructed a coconut key lime pie that we'll eat tonight, post lalage's provo bicycle collective gig (come if you're in town!)

lula's famous deviled eggs.
for dinner i made a french salad.  i don't know why it is thusly named. my mom invented it, and it's sort of a green salad/crudite hybrid.  mine had a little more antipasti on it than usual, but it needs to always contain greens, radishes, and deviled eggs.  when it's not too hot, i like to roast vegetables, too. then a vinaigrette (and we serve some creamery ranch also, for the, ahem, kids.)

i love these colors so much that i'm posting twice.
okay.  i'm posting early and with brevity on account of the gig.  and the pie.  and the rain.  and trying to squeeze in a yoga class so i'll be all breath and calm for the weekend.

coconut key lime pie in process.  completed pie photo tomorrow, perhaps

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