Sunday, July 15, 2012

20 times around the sun

happy birthday, bingy
lots of people love ingrid because:  she's wise, she's courageous, she's funny, she bakes delicious treats, she stands up against oppression, and she wears great outfits.

the fates smiled on me when ingrid came into our home and blessed it with something i can only call magic.

whenever an acquaintance learns that i'm her mother, i hear the same thing,  "you're ingrid's mother?  i love ingrid!"  (i hear the same thing about ingrid's grandma, pat asplund, someone she bears more than a passing resemblance to.)

on her birthday, i want to celebrate some of the specific little magics she bestows on so many of us.  those of you who know her will understand what i'm talking about:

1)  why wear regular clothes when you could wear a sparkly party dress?

2)  why can't humans marry trees?

3)  when is it inappropriate to wear a tiara? never.

4)  why put dots on your "i's" when you could use hearts instead?

5)  why just take a candid shot when you could pose?

6)  why would anyone turn down a speaking engagement?

7)  why would anyone not join every club on campus?

8)   with what outfits should i not wear my doc martens?  none.

9)  why not stay up all night baking?

10)  why not dress like betty page when you're baking, even if you're all by your lonesome?

11)  when should you keep quiet about injustice?  never.

12)  why wear regular hair when you could make a party bun?

13)  why sleep?

14)  when should you not go skinny-dipping?  never.

15)  why not visit your professors' office hours every week?

16)  where should you leave lipstick kiss marks?  everywhere.

17)  who should i invite to my party?  everyone.  ev-REE-one.  i repeat:  include everyone, always.

18)  when should i get bummed out and despairing?  never.

19)  how good do science goggles and vintage maxi dresses look together?

20)  q:  how important are bees?  a:  bees are the foundational creature of the world.  pay attention to the hive, and the world will be okay.

i love my ingy.  happy birthday to my baby chick.

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