Saturday, July 28, 2012

lipstick everywhere

all the lipsticks on the counter at a meet n' greet.

here's the array of lipwear in the house today.

sometimes i feel sorry for c., like today, when he heard about the levels of lipstick:  from mac to nars, from wet n' wild to revlon.  the consensus is that chanel is the best for high-end, e.l.f. for low.  revlon lip butters  for low but not rock bottom.

sometimes i feel sorry for boys who don't wear lipstick.  where's the fun in that?

sometimes i write poems about lipstick

four—the eternal nature of god

unborn, undying. . . i come into being through my own magic

a thousand hands
a thousand tubes
of chanel red
no. 5
painting the roses
for men 
to gaze upon—
the beautiful lips
of god
arrayed &
speaking at once


  1. Awesome poem! I love when something as quotidian as a lipstick gets transformed that way. I have been wearing MAC for 25 years, always in varying shades of red.

    1. you're my red lipstick inspiration!

  2. Love. Funny, I was just surveying my dwindling collection and thinking it's time to restock. I'm going to hit the MAC counter soon, for the first time in my life.

    1. have fun at the mac counter. hope you find at least a little spark of joy in a fresh tube of russian red.