Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Post as Inspiration Board

I spotted this gal this morning after work writing with intensity in a bound notebook, similar to my AW notebook.  Do you think she was writing morning pages?  And don't you love her shoes??

Later on in the day, I tried out a cafe called Lost Weekend.  I'd never been before and had always been a little intimidated by the cool kids hanging out outside.  Inside it's one large airy room, one side decorated with stacks of well placed teeshirts and board shorts.  The one community table there features a big coffee table book on the history of surfing (see the page I liked below).  On one wall surfing videos are projected. 

Not tights, but magnificent legwear anyway.
 The barista at Lost Weekend wore a super cute summer pencil skirt, which you can really see here.
Lastly, Dana Spiotta's novel about a difficult singer songwriter and the sister who supports and worries about him has a cool new cover on the paperback version.  (I saw it at the bookstore today.)  Last year, I bought and read a (signed!!) copy of the hard cover version for my birthday month.  This reminds me that this morning I put up a review on Goodreads.  Finally!  Was it a result of AW?  I don't know, but reading the work of other librarians recently makes me think I've got to ratchet it up.  I don't know if Goodreads qualifies as a "ratchet."

Lara, this post, I was thinking, is kind of a little visual inspiration board (or bored, perhaps), probably not quite a shrine.  It was a good day for images; at least I think so.

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  1. the writing gal's shoes are a standout! love your images.