Saturday, July 21, 2012

Prune with Professor Lawrence

Can I write about my lunch with Claire in the wake of the horrific Colorado shootings?  In asking this question, have I already trivialized the shootings?

I just had to say something.

Anyway, this has been an unexpected week of reunions.  On Tuesday, I wrote a post about reconnecting with two fellow BYU students who I haven't seen in 29 years.

Then, our first ever GITP blogger Claire asks me if I'm going to be around this week, because she is coming to the city, and asks me to accompany her to Prune, which is a tiny "destination" restaurant on East 1st Street.  The chef, Gabrielle Hamilton, even wrote a memoir from which a movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow as Gabrielle is in the works.
 I met Claire there yesterday with much anticipation.  I hadn't been to Prune since . . .  I went with Lara and C, when Lara came to the city to do a poetry reading at Arlene Grocery.   Claire ordered a riesling which she said tasted like "summer."
On our table was placed salted celery and olives.  Do you see the young woman with the scarf tossed insouciantly around her shoulders.  She was wearing an amazing dressed.  At one point, a photographer approached her and her lunch companion and had them sign waivers cuz he wanted photos of them both eating at Prune.  
Claire ordered a white gazpacho which tasted like a "garden."  She also got the beets which were surrounding by a sauce which "dismantled me."  I'm serious.

 I ordered this open-faced Greek salad sandwich which was a thrill--no quotes here.  Still, I wish I'd ordered two small plates like Claire.

For dessert, we had the mascarpone ice cream with salted caramel croutons and the churros and chocolate sauce.  The dishes, taken together--every single thing about them and being with Claire--made for a perfect  summer narrative.

The same day, an old friend from Yuma (who I actually didn't meet until I got to SLC) alerted me that he was coming into town.  Four old friends arriving unexpectedly in one week!  Is this the abundance that Julia Cameron talks about?

In light of all of this, I'm realizing how lucky I really am, on the heels of some unexpected bad news this week.  Because my news pales in comparison to what just happened in Aurora.  My heart goes out to everyone who has been touched by the Colorado tragedy, including everyone who might be reading this blog.  

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