Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cakeshop's Tight Place

Doughnut benches at the Doughnut Plant
 I started the day at the DP writing morning pages.  You can see I'm wearing a polka dot dress AGAIN!  And I picked up a free copy of Edible Manhattan.
Shopping cart art!
 On the way, home I passed this artfully augmented shopping cart.  It's like Olek revised, or alternate-universe Olek--a yarning of the empty spaces the shopping cart makes instead of yarning the object itself.  Negative space, valued and defined.  Okay, I'll shut up now.
Where else am I going to see ELO covers?
 Later, I ended up at Cakeshop, which is in a super tight place and hopefully they'll be able to get out of it!  (By the way, Lara and I discussed our respective cake fetishes today, which interests me greatly now as it's my birthday month.)  Re, Cakeshop, however, you should watch this:

I do what I can for Cakeshop.   It's still one of my favorite places to write.
I also love Cakeshops broke down furniture.

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