Wednesday, August 1, 2012


don't you love camp jewelry?
i got really scared about a year ago that i would die before my life was fully lived.

so this is what the "saying yes" to stuff thing is all about.

today i chaperoned some kids at a day camp for much of the day.  i was bummed at missing so much work time, and SUPER bummed that i had to wear jeans and a t-shirt (i found some snakeskin jeggings and lula loaned me her beloved chewbaca tee, so it worked out okay, but not good enough for a blog pic, my kids informed me.)

canoeing skillz
up in the canyon, i watched the campers scream and play and delight in dumb little games and camp songs and the antics of cute the teen counselors, and tried not to worry about all the work waiting for me at home.

why is recreation so hard?  or is it just me?

i also hung out and chatted with the three other chaperones, really cool women from my neighborhood who i could talk to several times a week, but i don't.  i get so thickly wrapped up in cotton worries and stop getting out, emotionally and physically.

i really enjoyed getting to know these women better.  so why not do it more often?

a year ago i made the decision  to live more fully in the world.  i've made some progress in this direction, but there's a long, long way to go

and hopefully

i'll get there before i die. . . .

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