Saturday, August 11, 2012

Art and Artists Everywhere

 I had been looking and looking for these portraits and finally found them on the chockablock 4th Street block where La Mama, KGB, The Kraine Theater, New York Downtown Theater resides.

I was on the block to see a Mormon-themed play as part of the Fringe Festival.  It was just . . . okay.  As so many of those Fringe plays are.

I'm immersing myself in art this weekend, lots and lots of Artist's Dates with myself, Lara.

Tonight I'm headed out to see a friend's band play in Lara's friend's new performance space.  Bye!


  1. i want to hear so much more about that play! & glenn's new space. & the music! but i'm glad you're out and about instead of holed up writing blog posts like me.

  2. great you got to see Tom's paintings in person!