Friday, August 17, 2012

overwhelmed list

bottom half of new profile picture.  i love that c. still wears creepers and slim pants after all these years.
i was feeling uber-overwhelmed this week on account of next week, when all hell breaks loose in my life.  julie wisely told me i could only put three things on my list today.  i took her advice and had a simple list:  1) yoga, 2)  syllabi creation, and 3) composing an email i've been procrastinating.  i did all three things, plus a few fun, non-stressful things.

i'm learning that it's smart to DO LESS when you're overwhelmed.  because then you realize you really don't have to get everything done.  it won't kill you.  & you might even learn to cut out some extra crap on your agenda that you really don't need.

here's my friday list:

1) wrote morning pages on back porch, eating my favorite childhood breakfast:  a toasted cheese sandwich broiled until bubbly and brown, topped with tomato, mayo, salt & pepper.

2) wrote procrastinated email while chatting online with julie, sitting on back porch, noticing that it's already cooling off and the trees on the mountains are showing glimmers of reds and golds.  also sent procrastinated email.

3) wrote syllabi and schedules for both sections of the writing classes i'm teaching this fall.  also, lesson plan and handouts for first day of said classes.  ALSO labeled file folders for those classes and put everything in my briefcase.  i'm totally ready for tuesday.

4) yoga.  rad and raucous kirtan singing happening in the adjacent room made the practice kind of special and a little extra fun today.

5) changed profile picture.

6) got salted caramel ice cream cone from neighbor boy's ice cream stand.

7) grocery shopping.  then, my favorite moment of the day: passing a dude on a motorcycle wearing a batman mask and headgear, cape flying behind him.  he looked so good i almost screamed.  also, at smith's i spotted the chihuahua ingrid thinks i need being carried by an adorable young woman.  ingrid said i can have her as long as i buy her matching yoga pants with me and name her "chanel."  i promise i will.

8) unpacked groceries and made nachos.  got into nightgown while ingrid quipped, "i see there's to be nothing in between yoga pants time and nightgown time today."  can't get away with anything around that girl.  about to watch ru paul's drag race, since christian's away camping and all.

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