Wednesday, August 22, 2012

films to c*

gina carano in soderbegh's haywire
my love for facebook waxes & wanes.  one thing i love, love, love about it is how you can get advice from really smart people in an instant.  two weeks ago i put out a call for mystery novel suggestions & got a fantastic list, came home from the library laden down with new treasures of mysterious indulgence.  last week, i asked people for film recommendations, as i want to spend more time watching movies for the remainder of 2012.

i plan to start with haywire, suggested by the smart and uber-talented david veloz, my former co-editor of the byu lit journal inscape, and a groundbreaking screen writer/director.   i love soderbergh, and have seen most of his films, so i'm looking forward to checking this one out as soon as netflix gets her butt in gear and sends it to me.   suggestions from veloz are numbers 31-43, and listen to him--he knows what he's about.

last weekend i saw benoit jacuot's farewell, my queen at the broadway cinema in salt lake city.  i hope to get a review up in the next week.  also hoping to catch the queen of versailles and trishna at the broadway before they leave.

so here's the list from my facebook friends for your consultation--a list as varied and eclectic as the rad people i know from real life and cyber life.  feel free to add more suggestions in the comments section of this post.  and remember the wise words of christian's wise father:  the only thing worse than a bad movie is no movie.

1.  that thing you do
2.  millions
3.  wings of desire
4.  another earth
5.  bunny lake is missing
6. labyrinth
7. mirrormask
8. grosse point blank
9.  midnight in the garden of good and evil
10.  harold and maude
11.  tristam shandy
12.  end of august at the hotel ozone
13.  the friends of eddie coyle
14.  prime cut
15.  waking ned divine
16.  kiss kiss bang bang
17.  russian ark
18.  daisies
19.  any tarkovsky
20.  buck
21.  wanderlust
22.  el mariachi-desperado-once upon a time in mexico
23.  seventh seal
24.  romy & michelle's high school reunion
25.  jiro dreams of sushi
26.  32 short films about glenn gould
27.  mamma mia
28.  billy elliot
29.  muriel's wedding
30.  gun crazy
31.  sunshine
32.  haywire
33.  sacrifice
34.  nostalghia
35.  fitzcarraldo
36.  burden of dreams
37.  the conformist
38.  the dreamers
39.  state of things
40.  margaret
41. spinal tap
42.  13 assassins
43.  heaven's gate
44.  meet joe black
45.  the secretary
46.  the star wars series
47.  black power
48.  mixtape
49.  the films of jacques tati
50.  bottle rocket
51.  city island
52.  trishna
53.  girl with a pearl earring
54.  the beaver trilogy
55.  little miss sunshine

*i was thinking of this pun on terry riley's famous piece in c before i even saw julie's post.  synchronous, again, julie!

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