Thursday, August 2, 2012


thanks for:

dinner al fresco.  lula knows how to make things more fun and more beautiful.
1. lula, who volunteered to make dinner tonight and served it to us on the patio in a cooling breeze. she cooked, set the table, and started the dinner conversation.

lula's goat cheese, avocado, and black bean tacos.
2. my neighborhood, as safe as mayberry circa 1950. the city of provo, also as wholesome as mayberry.  when i told the kids' summer camp director thank you for making it so fun, he responded, "it's my goal to give the kids the best summer of their lives."  my kids have had great, affordable, enriching summer programs run by the city of provo.  i can't stop raving about the city of provo's parks and recreation department.

neighbor boy's a gourmet ice-cream maker.

3. this mountain.

when i'm sad, i look up.
4. myrtle's willow tree.  i love the beautiful white trunk.

my rad 92 year-old neighbor's willow tree.
5. the apricots our neighbors always share with us, and the whole neighborhood.

i can't wait until these are ripe.
6. dinner conversation with moses, "if i were making dinner for cecily, i would make her a big piece of meat since she loves all meat except for rotting flesh."

blackberries ripening.

i look forward each day to ingrid's sartorial concoctions & thrift store finds.
7. ingrid's outfits and hairstyles. cecily's smile.

i adore this girl.  the end.
8. christian's willingness to help me feel better when i freak out (like taking the kids to d.i. to buy "back up bathing suits" so i can stop dramatically losing my shiz when i can't find their suits). & my kids, who know to just laugh at me when i freak like that. & how to make me laugh at myself through my tears.

this kid is quite the entrepeneur. & his dad's a famous chocolatier.
9. my neighbor boy's homemade ice cream stand.  tonight's flavor: malted milk.  past favorite flavors:  fresh mint, sour cream strawberry, cinnamon.

lula's very resourceful & started an herb garden in a cardboard box.
10. lula's suggestions for making life more beautiful: this kitchen door herb  garden in a cardboard box, tonight's after dinner luxury stroll, her adorable home made peanut butter cups, ripening blackberries.


  1. Lara--I love this. Every piece of it.

  2. Lara, you just made me miss summers in Utah more than I have missed anything in a long time. Provo is poisoned every year by a lovely summer liquor that seems to make everything impossible to forget, easy to forgive, and plain great.