Sunday, August 19, 2012

Neighborhood News

Marja is one of the best-dressed New Yorkers I know.
I somehow lost my entire post, so here it is again, in a list, which seems less arduous.  I don't know why.

1.  Today at the New Amsterdam Market, I ran into my neighbor Marja Samsom, restauranteur and self-proclaimed dumpling diva, who maybe rides her bike even more than I do mine.  Famous for her Soho-based Kitchen Club, you could always spot her toting her charismatic French bulldog Chibi in the basket.  Today, she told me that Chibi had died of old age. RIP Chibi!
2.  Speaking of animals, at the market (which is near the Seaport) I saw this band of youngsters play: Caged Animals.  
3.  Before that--back in my neighborhood, I was thrilled to see some green guerillas attack the uninviting empty lot wedged between two tenements.  Apparently what they're doing isn't entirely legal, but I signed the petition in support of it.  

4.  I rode my bike down to the Seaport for the first time ever along the East River promenade.  It was glorious.  Magical.  
Everyone was invited to unearth the potential in this plywood studded lot.
5.  Lara, speaking of unearthing potential, I need to ask you some AW questions.  

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  1. can't wait to discuss AW with you. i'm imagining that bike ride you took now. sounds wonderful. can you rent bikes in nyc for any kind of reasonable price? i'd love to ride 'round nyc.