Sunday, August 19, 2012

saturday night city

i loved ingrid's party outfit, especially the thrifted gold pumps
tonight for our night out, we drove north to the big city of salt lake.

christian was obsessed with the pigeon on the steps.  i was obsessed with my dress, and needed to wear it one more time before summer ends.
1) dropped off ingrid at party.

new slc ethiopian restaurant--we recommend it.
2) ethiopian food at mahider (thumbs up.)

3) farewell my queen at the broadway (another thumbs up.)

the utah state capitol
the beehive state. 
4) checking out the views of salt lake city from the state capitol, where christian quipped "a noble edifice where a lot of un-noble stuff happens."  we do have a bat-sh** crazy state legislature.

a utah classic.
5) hires big H for drinks.

6) fishbone (on cassette tape) for the ride home.  we both love this song.

7) hagen-dazs vanilla swiss almond in bed while blogging.  whoever invented that flavor is a genius.

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