Thursday, August 9, 2012


i don't think we've ever done a girls' day all together before.

today was vivid with girls & colors.  i woke up early to write for several hours in the cool morning on the back patio.  ate breakfast out there, then took all of my daughters to salt lake city to visit eva in her new digs.

here's our day.

1) mani-pedis with my girls. got flak from the manicurist about switching to a "winter color," my very favorite shade of all time, lincoln park after dark by o.p.i.  since when is gothy vamp for winter only?

ingy's feminist mani.

2) saw eva's great new salt lake city apartment.

3) tea in salt lake city with girls.

4) stopped by my department to pick up my desk copies for fall classes.

look what we found at ¡viva!
5) got filmed for a commercial whilst shopping for groceries at ¡viva! market, specifically whilst ordering huaraches at elfos food stand.


  1. WHAT!? Tell me more about getting filmed! And E's pad!

  2. Plus, what a lovely day you had. I esp like your use of the back porch and the fact the morning was cool.