Friday, August 3, 2012

Ersatz Cafe Review

I actually have no idea what to post right now.

It's been a sweaty day wherein not much got done.

There has been much interacting with screens.

Right now, the offspring are throwing a ball in our small living area.

Earlier, I wrote something in a place I love to go to, so that was good.  This place, Prima (by Prune), has become my favorite writing place during the week--big open tables, hardly anyone there, good drink, decent although limited pastries, good music, a friendly bearded guy running the counter--he brought me water when I didn't even ask for it.
They clear all of this stuff for the morn/afternoon computer users.
Afterwards, S and I walked over to Soho to retrieve my bike.  On the way back we got some groceries and ran into an old friend who invited to dinner!

We really needed to be saved from ourselves.

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  1. "There has been much interacting with screens." I really like this line!