Saturday, August 4, 2012

lift ride and back to school outfits

a few more hikes, a few more swims
here in utah we get out of school right after memorial day and go back mid-august.

it feels like the summer's winding down, though we still have a good month of heat, corn, peaches & tomatoes.

i'm itching to get back to a schedule, to poetry workshop and live college teaching, to kids in school all day, to sweaters and tights.

(do you remember, julie, the seventeen back to school issue?  i was always sad that we wore shorts to school in az. for months, and it was almost never cold enough for a preppy wool sweater.)

so, although i'm starting to look forward to fall, my favorite season, and i'm loving the back-to-school outfit videos cecily has been working on,  i'm also trying to embrace summer and not end it before it's over, if you know what i mean.  trying to fit in the outdoor movies and theatre, a little more pool time, a picnic and a hike or two.

tonight we took the sundance moonlight chair lift ride for our date night.  it's only held a couple of nights a month in the summer when the moon is full. sundance is so beautiful.  i think it's the most beautiful of the utah resorts.

(i had to close my eyes going down on the lift on the super steep part, & also, to block out the envy, when i saw the sundance screenwriting lab residents with their lanyards allowing them entrance into certain areas "not open to the public"--why was i not one of them? what was going on in those off-limits areas?)

i'm also trying to plan my own first day of school outfit.  it's a little trickier than it once was.

what's everyone wearing this year?

i have no idea!

julie turley, what will the trends be in nyc?


  1. I was utterly consumed by the thick, juicy back to school issue. I would memorize it. I can still recall very specific pictures and copy. Also, I loved the feature where they would have like seven essential pieces and show how to combine them into many amazing outfits.

  2. I loved that Seventeen issue, too, but was sad because those clothes were just a fantasy for me. I'd still spend hours going through it page by page.

  3. Yes--I should have said: seven unattainable pieces. twenty-seven impossible outfits.

    1. well-said, marni. for better or for worse, you couldn't get cheap fashionable clothes back then like you can now, and thrifting was not yet a thing.