Monday, August 6, 2012

crushes on tiny

would i get more creative work accomplished if my life was this spare?
julie's gonna KILL me for complaining about this.  so i'd better start with a disclaimer.  it can be really, really nice to have a lot of space when you have children around, some distance between you and the little rascals.

but i've become obsessed with streamlining in the last two years, and also obsessed with this blog recently.  partly because i'm so overwhelmed with home ownership right now, and wondering if it's really the right thing for me.  i do it badly.  don't like to fix, renovate, decorate, garden, etc.  &, as i become more aware of how many things i want to accomplish before i die, and the fact that i need to get moving a lot faster to do them, i'm realizing i might have to let some stuff go.

here's an article about the owner of the blog reading my tea leaves, and how she and her partner live in a 240 square-foot apartment.

that's a photo of her bedroom above.

i haven't figured out yet what to hang on to and what to let go of, and it's consuming me just a little.  i'm getting a lot of ideas from her blog, though.  many of them apply to bigger spaces as well, and are about more than just managing your living space.  they're about living an entirely better life, really.


this andrea zittel living unit has everything you need for life, and can be folded up and transported.
a few years ago i learned about andrea zittel's living pods.  (pretty sure julie told me about her--everything i know that's cool comes from julie.)

one of the most striking thing about zittel's live/work space was her seasonal six month uniform.  she had a few dresses in the same style that she changed every six months with the season. zittel hand-felted the fabric and hand made the dresses, so they were works of art in and of themselves.

i'm in love with this zittel spring/summer six month uniform.

doesn't that sound awesome?

i'm obsessed with her, too.


see the tiniest one?  what if it were your sole mixing, cooking, and eating implement?
my last tiny crush is this, the personal-sized cast iron skillet.  every time i go harmon's grocery store, i check out the lodge section and plan out how i will one day own two personal-sized skillets:  one for me and one for c. and how one day, when we've retired to our 240 square-foot life pod in manhattan, we'll use these skillets to cook and eat all of our meals in.  we will only ever eat one-skillet meals. when we're deciding what to eat, we'll ask:  can it be constructed, cooked, and eaten in a personal-sized cast iron skillet?

 and that constraint will keep us fit, happy, fiscally sound, and creative until the day we die.

does that sound uber-gloomy or uber-amazing?

i think it sounds amazing.


  1. That Zittel dress looks way too hot for summer. Unless, it's made of gossamer. I love cast iron. It pains me when I have to cook in something else. I hate to fix, decorate, etc, too. It's hard to find someone who feels that way these days.