Thursday, August 16, 2012


Book browsing in bowling shoes
After a long day at work, all I was in the mood for was some old school, sloppy street fashion photographing with my inferior camera phone.

I had very much wanted to go to the Free Pussy Riot reading at the Ace Hotel (if you've seen Portlandia, the Deuce Hotel is a riff on the Ace), but couldn't get the kid to go along and my sitter's out of town.  (Plus, I had nothing to wear that would make me feel cool enough to be in the same room with Chloe Sevigny.)

Kid #2 consented to go to Housing Works Books with me where we spotted this woman (above) in a calf-length sundress and two-tone bowling shoes.  Why don't I ever think of this?

I then dragged K#2 to an art opening at The Hole, which always has the hippest crowds.  By comparison, I feel completely dowdy, like a Relief Society matron for Yuma circa 1980, Lara, although maybe that look's back in now?  (We did see the Prada/Schiaparelli show at the Met yesterday, and Prada is all about importing "the ugly" into fashion, and reconfiguring what beauty is:  "If I've done anything it's too make ugly appealing."  Miuccia refuses to cut any of her dresses on the bias because it's too conventionally beautiful.  And I just now discovered that Miuccia Prada has a PhD in political science and worked as a mime.  No wonder I love her so much.)

At The Hole, the art was influenced by Mondrian and cartoons.  You can read about the Adam Green show "Houseface" here.  I feel like I need to completely change my style or amp it up.  But I don't know how.  Miuccia says she hates when women play it safe when they age.  Here she is again on aging:  "Thinking about age all the time is the biggest prison women make for themselves."

Lots of back action

Yellow stovepipe pants and yellow platform sandals.  

More back action.

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  1. i was feeling in such a fashion rut today! thanks for this inspiring post. i agree with m.--dressing age appropriately is over-rated. everyday i wish you were her to dress and style me, girl.