Friday, August 10, 2012

prelude for meditation

the theme emerging for this weekend is a deepening of meditation practice.

there are some fun things on the docket--a potluck at a friend's cabin, a movie at the broadway in slc, a bbq on the patio sunday, but i'm most looking forward to carving out more space stillness and peace in my body, mind, heart, and home.

1. two-hour meditation workshop tomorrow at my yoga studio.

2.  this quote from cage:  "I have nothing to say / and I am saying it / and that is poetry / as I needed it" --John Cage

i started browsing today, and will try one of the guided meditations this weekend

3.  the arrival of this book with a cd of guided meditations.  julie had heard good things about it, and recommended it to me.  i look forward to delving into it

4. this beautiful cage prelude:

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