Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jam Packed

Oh, darnit, this photo is blurry.
 Got up late, because I stayed up late.  But I spent what was left up the morning at the farmer's market where I marveled over this pile of organic peppers.  And bought one of these "soft ripe" heirloom tomatoes below.  ($1.50 a pound!)

I was going to ride my bike down to the Seaport where a live band (Endless Summer) was planning at the tiny Fulton Street Market there, but I decided to do my own creative work instead (as silly as that might sound).

I've been trying to pack some things in this weekend without neglecting the stuff I need to do here at the apt, including some deep cleaning, Lara.  (I promised.)

At about 4:00 I ended up at the New Museum for their jam-packed technology and art exhibit, Ghost in the Machine.  Brilliant!  While there I found out about Op Artist Bridget Riley (1931), Stan VanDerBeek and his Movie Drome (1963-66)--I spent some time under this, Emma Kunz (1892), Emery Blagdon (1907), the embroideries of Johanna Natalie Wintsch (1891)--Lara, Ingy should check her out.

Last night, I was up late with E at Spectrum, a new prog/experimental music venue in the lower east side.  This weekend, there's been a three-day festival there.  The place is stocked with the comfiest chairs in the city.  E and I actually watched Sarcaustic's (see below) show in leather recliners.  Funny.

I'm headed out again soon!
Very ripe, split, some leaking.  

This bike made a peach, basil and yogurt smoothie.  I had some.

Sarcaustic at Spectrum, made up of members of Pak and Child Abuse, among other  bands.

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