Sunday, August 12, 2012

plenty season

i dig ingrid's orange lipstick with the vintage '70's maxi my friend alice made & wore in the actual '70's.   it has tiny buttons all the way down the back and butterfly sleeves.
the produce is so abundant that i was hard-pressed to use it all before it languished.

baba ganoush, salad and lula's green goddess dressing.

there were aubergines, two big ones, so i made grilled eggplant and baba ganoush.

there were avocadoes about to die, so lula made a green goddess dressing to go with our salad of greens, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

taylor makes a beautiful plate
the requisite famous utah peaches and corn, which a person feels desperate to gorge on before they're gone.

utah peaches & corn are legendary
& a half-gallon of cream to be used (i've been making ice cream like crazy this week).

honey vanilla ice cream.  i have a crush on my new ice cream maker.
fingerling potatoes to be roasted.

adorable baby potatoes
salmon and steak on sale, but so many vegetarians.  we grilled it yesterday and served it cold with the salad, which was nice on such a hot day.

a crush on the grill, too.
i love sunday here, with all the dresses, the roses, the after-dinner bike ride to my favorite spot on locust lane, to an empty field where the buildings clear out and you can see the valley lighting to the west and the mountains to the east.

and a crush on sunday dinner.
it's the sweet spot of the world.  the navel of the world.

the sweet spot of dinner--grilled peaches & homemade ice cream.
today was the day i knew summer would wane.

how much longer?
today i felt like i dropped into the sweet spot of the season,

the sweet spot of summer.

& like it couldn't get any better.

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