Friday, April 20, 2012

Join Pete!

I rarely wax political here, but an old friend of mine out in Salt Lake City is attempting to give long-time Republican meanie Senator Orrin Hatch another run for his money, and money is the operative word here.  The founder of Utah's first internet service provider, Pete Ashdown, like no other candidate for national office I know of, has refused to take PAC money, or let special interests in any way have undue influence on his campaign.  This is RARE, and thus, Pete, while running with integrity, is running on a shoe-string budget--basically on fumes (to mix up some metaphors).

Check out Pete's platform here.  (And if I can augment here:  Pete is smart, uber tech savvy, big hearted, empathetic, and without guile (hear that, Mitt??).  And, most importantly, although Pete has never been known to wear tights, he definitely knows what's it like to live in a tight places.  Long ago, Pete and I were neighbors in some low-rent bungalows on a blind alley in downtown Salt Lake City.)

Basically, Pete needs whatever you can give him:  money and/or time.  Particularly tomorrow.  Pete first ran against Hatch in '06, but this time Pete has a Democratic challenger and this guy's all for PAC funding.  There is a convention tomorrow at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake where hopefully Pete will emerge the candidate on the Democratic ticket. 

Tomorrow's schedule of events, as outlined by Pete's amazing spouse (and loooong-time friend of mine), Robin, are here:  

Call for volunteers at the State Democratic Convention at the Salt Palace tomorrow (Sat, 4/21). If you can't make it early please come for the speech and voting. Invite your friends and family. It's great fun!
Endorse Pete at
*7AM Set-up inside Salt Palace
*9AM Staffing the booth
*10AM Handing out materials and walking the hall
*10:30 Call to Convention in Convention Hall
*12:00 Pete's Speech
*12:30-3PM Voting *CRITICAL*
Free T shirts & brand new lapel buttons (stay tuned...I'll preview them today)

This Saturday is make or break when Pete faces a challenger for the nomination as Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate. Pete is not taking PAC $ whereas his challenger is. If you want to support getting dirty money out of politics, please support in any way you can. Thank you! Call Susan 801 882 5306 with questions.

Please--if you live in Utah or care about Utah--do what you can to help Pete seriously challenge Hatch in November.


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  1. yes. pete rocks. he really works for more ethical governance.