Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tight Seder Places

Surrounded by crepe paper, pipe cleaners and unfilled plastic eggs, I spent hours tonight at our Passover seder which retells and muses on the Exodus story from the OT--a major "tight places" story, am I wrong?  And one of those epic tight places which requires the giant hand of an Old Testament God to get out of. 

What you see here is one of the seder plates: roast egg, lamb shank, parley, charoset etc etc. It's all symbolic.

Now much, much to do for Easter. 

Legwear: shiny black leggings with an aqua coat. The basement of the synagogue was cold.

 Inspiration: Easter bonnets for tomorrow's 5th Avenue Easter Parade.

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  1. so jealous you get to do the easter bonnet parade. haunakah and christmas i would NOT want, but easter and passover would be awesome. how do you do it all?