Friday, April 27, 2012

Tenacity, Exuberance, and Tight Places

All week, I had been looking forward to Luisa Caldwell's show in Williamsburg at the b. conte boutique.  I first interviewed Luisa before I knew her--around eight years ago--for our respective kids' elementary school's newsletter, but now since Luisa's kid graduated, our paths don't cross, and our lives are pretty parallel.  And I hate the structural things that take you away from people.  

I have long admired Luisa.  It's difficult--to say the least--to have an art career anywhere, but New York is probably one of the tightest places an artist can live and work:  rents are outrageous and the competition is amped and fierce; the New York artist is in fact, competing with the world.  But Luisa is tenacious.  She gets noticed and she gets stuff done.  

I love Luisa's art.  Her central medium--what she has been working with for years--is the ephemera of the produce department:  fruit stickers.  She makes the quotidian beautiful, radically re-contextualizing what is so familiar that we don't give the humble fruit sticker a second's thought as we peel and discard.  But she makes us look at them, gives them a second astounding,  exuberant, sumptuous and permanent life.

Tonight she was exhibiting her work on rescued materials, and she had lined them up like an "architectural frieze" (she told me) above a rack of summer frocks in a boutique.  The opening itself was a lot of fun, with a little bluegrassish duo.  The live band element actually reminded me of an opening at the old Deitch Projects in Soho.  

I really do need to get out more, like Luisa.  I hope to be less parallel with her again soon.  (Luisa's show is up until May 23rd!)

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  1. this is inspiring! thanks, julie and thanks luisa for your tenacity and devotion to the work of filling the world with art.