Tuesday, April 24, 2012

practicing sanity, health, gratitude, creation

eat your veggies--monday's salad

what keeps you sane?

what keeps you healthy?

what keeps you creative?

what keeps you gracious?

(am i weird for needing to work at these things constantly?)

or gets you back on track when you've lost your way?

isn't it fascinating how people work things out differently?  how what works splendidly for one person doesn't work at all for  another?

i have a short attention span and intense obsessions followed by intense burn-out, so i have to change up my practices all the time.  when i realized this, strong practices became a much more regular occurance.

(well, it did take forever for me to learn i needed small simple practices in the first place.)

here's one practice, that i already blogged about.

& of course you know that girls in a tight place advocate living deliberately through legwear choices.

another practice is eating my vegetables.  this week i resolved to have one mostly vegetable meal every day.  it went well sunday and monday.  today, josh the sandwich boy offered me half of his tuna salad studded with celery & dried cranberries on toasted jalapeno-cheddar bread, so my mostly vegetable lunch went uneaten.  but it's a practice, right?  meaning some sessions are stronger than others, and when the universe offers you a terrific sandwich, you would be stupid to not accept that gift.

over tuna salad, i asked josh about his practices for creativity, and he gave me this one:

i keep folders of ads, photos from magazines, newspaper clippings,
pressed flowers, leaves, interesting texts,  etc.  

rocks, bugs, sticks,
and feathers go on my window sill and mini-shelves, 

making my environment visually rich.

color palettes, the way handwriting looks, anything.
but it has to be tangible, has to be in a folder, 

it can't be digital.
electronic files never get looked at.

i asked a few more people who have interesting practices, and i'm waiting for them to get back to me.

i also really liked this idea from brenda miller's blog spa of the mind, and started working on writing my intentions and blockages this week.

i think i'll work on this a little every day this week in addition to eating more vegetables.

feel free to post your practices & your favorite vegetables in the comments.


  1. Great idea - I hope lots of people share because I love a good practice too and it's always fun to try a new one! Today I did an old fave I call "oxygen break" - inspired by a friend's cigarette break, except instead of smoking you just hold your first two fingers together and inhale, hold fresh air deep in the lungs, and exhale purposefully and with vigor! It feels good to let the oxygen scrub out all those lung cells. Why should the smokers be the only ones who actually take a break outside the building every couple of hours? P.S. Like cigarettes, the oxygen break may also be addictive.

  2. Dance break!

    Or, as Amelia says, "Pants off dance off!"