Sunday, April 22, 2012

sabbath schooling

to continue the burlesque show of GITP (legs! legs! legs!), here are my legs walking themselves to church
 we were schooled on this radically beautiful text today in an excellent and strong sermon:

love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

this seems so hard to do.

i think, though, that it is one of those challenging postures that, once you achieve it, if only for a moment, you'll realize is the easiest thing in the world.

that continuously practicing and falling will take you to a point, finally, where, without effort, you are suddenly filled with love, hate falls away, and, i imagine, you are filled with the most expansively beautiful liberation a person could ever experience.

what is the practice that gets us to this place?

i want to hear your methods and inspirations, and would love some more sunday school in my life from diverse persons and readers.

the tulips, who lead such wildly brilliant and brief lives, are up

 i'm committing to a week full of vegetables.

what's on your menu this week?

le petit déjeuner, chez moi
legwear: bare, in honor of 83 degrees

inspiration: sermon on the mount

looking forward: to monday's guest blogger


  1. The Quakers told me once, "Meet hate with love."

    1. thanks, ingy. jealous you get to hang with the quakers. i wanna here more of this stuff.

  2. What a great little lunch! I love your photos and am, as usual, jeal you can walk in those heels.

  3. Where did you get those wedges, btw?

    1. wedges=target last summer. they're falling apart. not sure i'm graceful in them, but they're surprisingly comfortable.

  4. Today I got schooled by King Benjamin--taught Sunday School, the first three chapters of Mosiah, and talked about our indebtedness to the creator, who gives and gives--it is a fundamental, elemental giving that we cannot resist, and with which we will never come into balance. It is wholly underserved, unsought, but so beautiful when we open our eyes and see the grace that supports us, that holds us up and holds us down so that we do not utterly float into the sky or sink under the weight of our own flesh and bones.

    Greg and I have been called to teach Seminary. I have to believe that the creator has a divine purpose in this, for I was just blissfully adjusting to being able to sleep in whilst Amelia drives herself in the red jeep at 6 am. I am not certain that I can teach every day, but I have to believe that God has a plan. As we were waiting to be set apart we ran into an old friend from seventh ward--he actually invented virtual reality, seriously, at UW--and I can't remember his name. Gary? Do you remember him Lara? We told him what we were waiting for, and he told us that he taught Seminary years ago, when he was living in Ohio, teaching at Ohio State, and that he got up every morning at 3 am so that he could run five miles and then prepare to teach. He said, "I have never felt so alive." The little conversation was a gift, a blessing, unexpected and so welcome. And I will not be getting up at 3 am to run five miles, but I don't know how this call will change me, change us.

    I wrote to Eliza today and reminded her that calls will continue to come to her throughout her life, calls that she will not want to take, calls that she will not always want to hear or that she cannot even decipher, but calls that she must answer and calls that will awaken parts of her heart and mind that she did not even know existed.

  5. And my favorite eggplant w/spicy tomato sauce and salad nicoise today for dinner. Also committing to vegetables.