Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Day of Spring Break: Almost Slept Through Brooklyn Zine Fest

Most of the day, I slept.  I slept late, too.  I feel like I have six weeks of sleep to catch up on, a sleep debt accrued from my intense March--one without precedent:  my Dad's death and AZ trip, the intensity of my work during that month, some big hoops I had to jump through, and hosting family during this past week's Spring break. 

I did make it out later to attend the Brooklyn Zine Fest at Public Assembly in Williamsburg.  It was such a mild Sunday that Bedford Street looked like Haight Street circa 1967, people strolling about loitering, selling tables full of used books and sporting whimsical headwear and even some tights.  

One of our awesome GITP guest bloggers, writer/zinester Ayun Halliday had a table, and I carefully perused the meticulous subject index she has made of over a decade's worth of Inkys.  

My favorite librarian/zinester, Jenna Freedman shared a table with a Barnard student zinester, Jordan Alam, who works with the Barnard Zine Collection.  Years ago, Jenna started this impressive,  constantly accruing collection at Barnard--and it's is circulating to boot!

At the fest I procured the following zines:  Jordan Alam's Hairstory and Letters to Self, Jenna Freedman's Lower East Side Librarian:  Special Zine Tour Edition andLES Librarian & Friends Menstruate:  Librarians and Archivists Keep the Information Flowing, and Alicia Sellie's The Borough is My Library #3.  (See below for the covers!)

Afterwards, I went home and took a nap.

(Lara, are you feeling like the blog posts have to come fast and furious sometimes when all you want to do is sleep through?  But this is the point of our blog, right?  To wake up a little more?)

Ugh.  I really need a new computer.  This is the third draft of this post due to technical difficulties!
Ayun in action
Ayun's index
Student Jordan and librarian Jenna ply their zine wares.
My meager but high quality haul

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