Thursday, April 5, 2012

6th Avenue Tights/Hippie Maundy Thursday

The tights are textured.  6th Avenue and 43rd Street

The Hole

Fake pastoral at The Hole

Someday I will learn to blog before 11:00.

My day was:

1.  Publishing party at S's school.  Biked from there to subway to . . . 
2.  Work.
3.  Reunioned with a high school friend and her family at Les Pain Quotidien by Bryant Park.  I hadn't seen her since Reagan's first term in office.  (Had the ricotta and fig tartine.)
4.  Biked to S's school.
5.  Easter/Passover errands:
     a.  Russ and Daughter's is sold OUT of chocolate matzah.  The gal said they would make more.  But WHEN!
     b.  Crepe paper and pipe cleaners to make flowers for Easter bonnets to wear at Sunday's Easter Parade.
     c.  Bulbed flowers for Passover table.
6.  Dropped by The Hole to see the current show.
7.  Home.  Spring break starts tomorrow! 
8.  Went to nearest church in the Catholic/Episcopal (Most Holy Redeemer) to check out signs of Maundy Thursday.  There was a small gathering chanting in Spanish.

I came to Maundy Thursday in my mid-20s when I lived in Salt Lake City.  I love all night vigils, which is the Maundy Thursday tradition.  I also love the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which my parents vigorously criticized when the film version came out in 1973.  They did not want Jesus' last week set to a rock soundtrack, even if it was by the decidedly tepid Andrew Lloyd Weber. And they certainly didn't want Jesus played by that hippie, Ted Neeley.

Here's the Maundy Thursday scene from the film:  

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  1. the only place to get maundy thursday in provo is online, and you know that already, dammit. love your post. fun list. xo