Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog, I Love You!

The view from Bowery Coffee
Yesterday, despite my impetuous pairing of pink tights with red boots, it was a day which will be largely unremembered when I look back on 2012 from the vantage point of Dec 31st.  Today was even worse, with quotidian concerns and activities.  It doesn't help that there's been a pronounced spring chill; for the past two days I've pulled on my beyond dull puffy winter coat.  Which is why I was so keen on the tights/boots combo below.  Would I have paired the two if not for this blog?  Probably not.  
So, thanks, blog.  I love you!

The other two photos were taken at Bowery Coffee.  My ersatz observations follow:  

Coffee:  Counter Culture
Unexpected tea:  White (Two kinds)

Pros:  Super friendly and accommodating staff.  (Not that I'm demanding.)  They have white tea on the menu!  Credit cards accepted with super low minimum.  Doughnut Plant doughnuts.  No wifi (means I get writing done).  Very aesthetically pleasing

Cons:  No public bathroom.  Limited seating.  No food.  No wifi (means I can't grade papers there).  No electrical outlets.

Unexpected amenity:  A lovely view of the ever-changing Bowery mural.

Distorted leg action
Super skinny, kind of shiny jeans


  1. SUCH a rad pairing. SUCH a fantastic burlesque shot!

  2. girls! girls! girls! legs! legs! legs!