Sunday, April 22, 2012


"We were BORN THIS WAY!"
I knew Gaga had lived around me somewhere--post NYU and pre "fame monster" (in her "tight place" period)--but I had never known exactly where.  Today however, I stopped on my way to a grand opening of a yoga studio to examine some graffiti that intrigued me:  tiny messages, all addressed to Gaga, that had the look and tone of yearbook inscriptions.  I had found her old digs!  The messages are terribly sweet and touching in that they felt so private, and if you aren't paying attention you will miss them.

The bottom photo is from the yoga opening.  The place was packed to the gills when I arrived and they had run out of chai and vegan cupcakes much to my disappointment.  I also felt like I didn't belong with the other pilgrims:  mostly white people dressed for the occasion in traditional Indian garb, sweeping skirts and half shirts and saris.  Plus, everyone had taken off their shoes and put them into a pile.  I couldn't leave my Fryes like that!  Some people were straight up Krishnas, in peach robes.  It made me feel out of the loop, so while everyone else sat in kirtan, I hung out on a puffy bench and pretended to meditate. 

P.S.  Thinking of Lara's post today:  Gaga's fans seems so open hearted and full of love, at least when it comes to Gaga.  Also, when I went to the yoga studio, I started to resent the people I felt so alienated from in that moment.  Did this have more to do with that I had been shut out of the cupcakes?  Clearly, I have a lot of work to do. 

"You helped me find creativity."

"You made it sweety!  Fame NEVER STOP!  You will always be my Queen!"

Sweeping skirts were de rigueur


  1. so wonderful, julie! my fav part is your caption "sweeping skirts were de rigeur." so many overtones and unspoken emotion there. & your eye! i could never read your streets the way you do. i would have walked past the graffiti and not seen it.

  2. are you going to take class there?

  3. Your emotion about Gaga is awesome.Sweeing skirts is so nice.