Friday, April 13, 2012

road home: p.c. police, eartha, revolver

i found (or rediscovered) three great songs on the way home.  hope you enjoy.

i wish you could read the sign--it reads "ho-made" pies.  i guess the p.c. police haven't been to panguitch, utah recently
i had a lot of caffeine on the long drive home, so i'm feeling manic, and already have the entire family unpacked, the laundry going, the milk, bread and produce run to the store completed, the kids bathed, the rental car returned, & some chocolate ingested.  so, yeah.


  1. What's coming for you this week? Should I drive to Utah?

    1. yes! i'm finishing up a crush of grading and have a relatively light week.

  2. I need to channel some of that caffeine-fueled mania. On that note, I'm off to Pushcart Coffee which I'll be blogging about today:

    Glad you got home safe! ANd I love the last sentence of this post.

  3. thanks, julie. looking forward to hearing about puschcart coffee.