Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yellow Tights and a Poem in My Pocket

How could this not be a win/win day?  

The coat I had on was blue.  The poem I had in my pocket today was this.  I was actually really excited to discover this poet, Natalie Diaz, and still am.  I hope you all have experienced such joy this month, National Poetry Month.

Who have you read this month?  It's still April!  (Did you know that my co-blogger is a magnificent poet and one of my favorites?)

I also carried the book pictured above around today and let people tear poems from it.  I'm only sorry I didn't keep track of what I gave away.

As the photo above indicates, I spent my subway commute reading poetry.  I had been neglected it all month for some reason.  I was reminded again of what it can do, how it can reorder my experience, and take apart how I experience language.  (Just to be really facile about it.)

To reference a previous blog of mine:  What are you reading?  

Tights:  yellow for the gray day.  Also, I boldly wore them with a teal coat.  
Inspiration:  poetry about tight places

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