Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tight Boot

Tights spotted early in the week on a warmish day near Astor Place
It's colder today and I am back in black tights and the red Frye boots that I am still breaking in--the right one is still tight!  But I am dealing with the tightness because I love these boots so much, hoping the leather will loosen up.  

Sometimes we don't mind a little tightness if there is some pay off:  like right now . . .  I'm still wondering if a lot of the tightness I went through in March will pay off.  See how writing forces one to make connections!!!

Some things I did last week which seem closer to my goal of doing some things I rarely/never do:

1.  Went to a Broadway play courtesy of an old friend and former graduate school colleague:  Seminar which now features Jeff Goldblum in the central role. 

2.  Took the friend (who treated me to a play!) to the storied NY institution 21.  We sat beneath a Remington painting and I tried to act more sophisticated and jaded than I actually am.  Most likely, I fooled no one. 

My next goal this week--since I got a chunk of grading out of the way--is too write more and to submit at least ONE story somewhere. 

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  1. things i want: 1. picture of your red boots, 2. review of seminar, 3. review of 21, 4. a copy of your story