Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This day had lots of promise, a lot of hours in which to get some grading and writing done, but one small oversight seemed to derail it all:  I forgot to charge my computer before leaving the house and then couldn't find a cafe that would let me plug in.  Housing Works had an outlet that had no power flowing to it.  Psych!  The volunteer counter gal told me she goes to Starbucks, doesn't buy anything, and plugs in.  Starbucks felt too far to go.

I sat and used the power I had.

Then, one of my bondings that I had put on my chipped front teeth years ago, fell off, which increased my feeling of being out of control.   So now I look something like this.  Not a good look for job hunting:

This is not my mouth.
I do envy your perfect teeth, if you have them.  (I chipped my teeth when I was eight on a Payson, UT playground, and they weren't fixed until '04.)

Then at home our wifi wasn't working.  I couldn't unlock the locked desktop keyboard, and my perfet minutes rushed by, dwindling.

Now I'm trying to rescue the shards of the day by finding a poem for my pocket tomorrow.  Like Simon and Garfunkle say:  "I've got my books and my poetry to protect me." Wish poetry could do something about my tooth.

And I'm also trying not to feel like the day was a bust.  Actually, after all this happened, I ran into a  friend, who told me she's doing really well lately, that things were getting more perfect for her.  I liked how happy hearing that made me.  No envy at all.

(And Lara, that should be my one of my daily practices:  refusing envy)


  1. Would it help if I told you I envied you? I do!!!

  2. Sympathetic joy! Such a great state. Also: Your adorable tooth was one of the first things I loved about you. Maybe it's OK for it to show again, just for a little while? Hope your non-bust day ended beautifully.