Saturday, April 21, 2012

cherry tights, vinyl, byu make-out spots

cherry tights from paris
1) stayed inside all this incredible spring day, grading online, until 5.55 when c. & i went to dinner.  i donned cherry tights, carted back from paris by one of our incredible guest bloggers, because i didn't realize how warm it was.
on Y mountain.  wondering what julie ever did up there.
2) after dinner, we went up to Y mountain and looked at the view.  it was one of two famous make-out spots for byu students, the other being squaw peak.  as i looked out at the valley, i wondered if julie had ever made out with anyone up there.  i'm sure she'll never tell, but you might be able to make some inferences based on her hilariously terrific series of short stories set at byu in the '80's.  maybe she'll share an exceprt on the blog some time?

3) on our way back from dinner & making out, we saw some super adorable children on bikes.  as we drew nearer, we noticed that they were probably the cutest kids we'd ever seen.  turns out they were ours.

terribly cute children

does this album look familiar, anyone?

5) on thursday night at muse we bought a vinyl record from eyes lips eyes, some of them former students of c.'s, and former members of elizabethan report.  they now live in l.a., and are very good.  definitely check them out cuz they're awfully tasty.  also, their record jackets are individually hand-painted.

our vinyl.  we're nerds. hand-painted eyes lips eyes record cover on upper right.

5) record store day! (and julie wrote a rad post about it.) i love all those stores julie mentioned, and being married to a musician, it's quite a topic of conversation and we have quite a collection.  the trade-off for not being able to live in nyc is that we have enough space for a big record collection.  the kids gave c. radiohead's in rainbows for christmas 2011 and the whole family loves it.  if you come over, c. will give you the analog/digital sound test--he'll play the same track on vinyl, cd, and mp3 (he abhors the sound of mp3) and have you guess which is which.  almost everyone can tell.  seriously, there's nothing like radiohead on vinyl.  (i used to live on the same block as tower records in ny on the corner of b'way and 66th.  what a store that was for a classical music nerd like me!)


  1. I never once went to Y Mountain. Bad, right?

    1. we'll have to hike the Y the next time you're in town.

  2. Too much of a hike just to make out. In the 80's there was the esplanade made of Portland Cement just south of campus above the duck pond, the heat vent outside Kimball Tower and the parking lot on the bench below the Y hike. All great places. For more distant places there was the top of Bridal Veil Falls (when the tram was still there) and on the Alpine Loop behind Sundance. Oh, I thought of one more. Sometmes, if me date was brave, the roof of the boarded up Brigham Young Academy was fun..if not scary to get too at night.

    1. wow, richard, you've got some expertise!