Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Subway Tights (6 pm); Plus, a To-Do LIst in Tribute to Lara's Awesome To-Do Lists

Tights spotted on the L Train last Friday during rush hour.
The owner of the tights wore a Sgt. Pepper-inspired jacket.
Something about the tights wearer's face reminded me of this Lucien Freud painting.
Lara's "To-Do" lists are little works of art.  I don't know how she does it.  Mine below is wholly practical, born out of the anxiety that I will something if I'm not careful.  (And it also cracks me up that the things on my list that are there for pleasure and edification become anxiety inducing.)  This week I need to: 

1.  See the Ungovernables at the New Museum with kids this Thursday.  Closes on Sunday!
2.  See the Whitney Biennial, which a parent described this morning as underwhelming, but I don't care.
3.   See friend's boyfriend's band Pak at The Stone on Tuesday night.
4.  Finish midterm grading.  This has stretched on and on.  And there's more grading to be done after.
5.  First week back at work:  Finish my Crime Fiction LibGuide!
6.  Check in on the current performance artist in the Abrons Art Center main gallery.
6.  Gather recipes for spring cooking.  (Although I threw together a stir fry--broccoli, pineapple, cashews, tofu, ginger on white rice--for my kids last night and they hated it.)

What's on your "need-to-do" list this week?


  1. your lists are a gazillion times hipper than mine.

  2. 1) Track down the perfect tangerine-orange polish and 2) deal with my winter-worn pedicure before the really great weather arrives this weekend! 3) Finish my package for JT and 4) get it in the mail. 5) Laundry. Always.

    1. p.s. julie, can you post crime fiction lib guide?

  3. What!?! Package?!?! Tina!!!