Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Stellar Day Clouded My Head

Cooking demo at the Union Square Farmer's Market

What is buckwheat honey?

For sale:  seasonal flowers, all from bulbs.  Love.

Occupy Wall Street has installed themselves in Union Square

At 8:00 am I looked from my work station out over the Hudson and the light was so crystalline, I knew it would be a beautiful day.  After work I headed to the Union Square Greenmarket.  There still isn't a lot for sale there produce wise, of course, us being all up north and all:  cellared apples (and hard cider!), onions, and kale, duck eggs and all manner of eggs.  Slaughtered lamb parts.  Broccoli rabe, which I bought today, but there were many booths with bulbed flowers, which I must remember to get for this Easter/Passover weekend.  I wandered and milled around for awhile, ate a kale-stuffed croissant at one booth and then a sampling of kale pesto at another.  

I love this time of year.  I love the shapes and colors of Easter.  April is also my sister's and my dad's birthday (Dad would have been 83 on the 13th; Shelley's is tomorrow!), and I love the rhythms of the traditional Christian Easter week ( unacknowledged in the religion I was born into).  Tomorrow night, for Maundy Thursday, some notable authors will read from Dante's Inferno at the Church of St. John the Divine.  

In fact there is so much to do, I keep forgetting things.  What I forgot today, and what must go on my list for tomorrow:

1.  Chocolate matzah at Russ and Daughters.
2.  Pay another installment of S's summer camp fee. 
3.  Send off a story.
4.  Call my mother. 

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  1. sigh. so very jealous of your farmer's market. i doubt there's broccoli rabe ANYWHERE in utah valley, at least on a regular basis. correct me if i'm wrong, u.v. peeps. also, so impressed (again) with your commitment to holiday celebrations. glad it's you, and not me, that has to do so many religious holidays! great pics.