Saturday, April 28, 2012

burn/game on/what i did today

burned out on outfits--overwearing my striped t-shirt dress

not burned out on vegetgables--asparagus-potato salad with lemon cream dressing
 1. primary series yoga with russ.  c.'s back is better, so he's coming with me again.  (and julie, i know exactly how you feel! i admire that you practice at home.  i can't seem to do an unguided practice.)

2.  chorizo breakfast burrito at beto's after yoga then

3. to provo bakery to get donuts for kids. on the way home i found a lost crying toddler & rescued him.  he had escaped from his backyard without anyone noticing.

4. shopping for yogurt to make raita (i'm making dal for the salon/fireside tomorrow night).

5. practiced with c. for salon/fireside tomorrow night.  i'm approaching music practice more like yoga these days--trying not to think about the gap between where i am and where i want to be, how much better other people are, how different it feels today than yesterday.  musically staying on the mat, if you will.

6.  thought about making a lemon tart for tomorrow night using the huge bowl of lemons we brought back from arizona (c. and the kids picked them from my mom's neighbor's tree.)  didn't make tart because

7.  i suddenly got completely exhausted and burned out.  so

8.  i took a nap.  planned on waking up, doing laundry, cleaning out the kids drawers for spring/summer season but

9.  woke up still exhausted & binge-watched 5 episodes of restaurant impossible (that's what's on in the background of my picture.

10.  mustered enough energy to make dinner (pictured above) and eat with the family.  but still no game on, still feeling the burn, still no lemon tart.  what do you do when you get slammed with burn-out & you really need to get your game on?

legwear:  none

inspiration:  sucking at yoga & other stuff, but doing it anyway

looking forward: to shucking off burnout


  1. Was the toddler able to direct you back to his home! How intense! I can't believe you felt stymied about posting earlier today, because what you came up with is such a pleasure to read.

  2. Thank you so much for rescuing Téo. What a relief! Chip still does not know how the boy was able to leave without his noticing.
    I am so grateful for you!

    1. m-l, i was happy to bring little teo home. ingrid used to slip away when she was a toddler, right before my eyes, & THREE times we had to call the police to help us look for her! i guess those toddlers are by nature explorers! jt, i could bring him home because he is my neighbor & i knew where he lived!

  3. Just wanted to say - I have those exact sandals! Love love love them, the color especially, and am so happy to see them on you here. Also love: the phrase "binge watched."

    1. now i feel even better about my favorite sandals. the color is bee-u-tiful. i'm such a sucker for red shoes.