Sunday, April 8, 2012

¡felices pascuas! & tony's garage

baby ruby & mommy valorie

sasha & mo = bffs

rob & kristin, sasha & eve

moses, cecily, lula & mommy

grandpa noel & baby lara (how proud am i to be her namesake?)

cecily & annabelle (bff's), grandpa noel & kizzy

tony's garage--drink cooler

tony's garage=work station

tony's garage--mural-in-progress
today was my nephew marco's christening & last night was his christening party.  he's unbelieveably cute & sweet.

we had an easter egg hunt yesterday and easter finery was on display at services this morning.  i have delectably beautiful nieces and nephews who look like they were created specifically to look picturesque whilst hunting pastel eggs in fluffy dresses.  here are a few pictures of them, though i wasn't able to get everyone (there are close to 20 nieces and nephews on my side of the family.)

i'm also posting a few pics of marco's daddy's garage--he does hand pinstriping on cars and is making this rad mural on the wall of the gargage.  he also has a beverage cooler in the garage that will be the envy of anyone who wants to hang out in their garage a lot.  he's just an all-around rad dude & i found his work space really inspiring.  don't you love seeing how people set up their spaces? 

marcos christening party

marco & grandma maria

legwear:  none.  it's freakin' 90 degrees outside.

inspiration:  tony's work space

looking forward:  to more salsa, yoga tomorrow at the bungalow & c's arrival

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