Tuesday, September 18, 2012

laid out flat

last pool party of the season

i had such big plans and high hopes for last weekend.  c. was traveling and so i made a packed agenda to keep us all occupied and happy in his absence. and things went pretty well until i got dog-piled, mowed down, flat laid out,  by the evil streptococcus A bacteria.

we made it to our last picnic of the season in southfork canyon.  we made it to the last pool party at a friend's amazing space that she has sadly just sold, we made it to h&m, a family sleepover at eva and anna's apartment, music and the spoken word (so very cheesy, and yet i cry a little any time i hear the glorious sound that choir can make in that amazing acoustical space--can somebody please do something about the repertoire?), we made it to breakfast, and then the part i was most excited about-- anna's brisket for a rosh hashanah dinner--that was the part i missed when i started shaking like an aspen tree.  when i felt like i was actually dying.  when i knew i had strep throat.

i found this on my bed when i woke up.

that was sunday morning, and it is only tonight that i feel well enough to blog and to think i might actually some day recover.  this morning i was wondering who was going to take care of everything while i was in the hospital on i.v. antibiotics.  this morning i diagnosed myself with a peritonsillar abscess, and i was right!  (i love it when my diagnoses are correct.)

so grateful for moses and for medicine.

i got into urgent care, got on a new antibiotic, got some lydacaine and codeine for the pain, and things are looking way, way up.

can i tell you how much i love modern medicine?  i frequently obsess about what i would do without access to painkillers.

but that's probably TMI.  so forget i said that.

for the first time in three days, though, i can honestly say:  it's good to be alive.

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  1. Oh Lara I am so so so so so sorry! Today I feel like I need an epidural in my heart.