Friday, September 7, 2012


I'm so beyond tired from the week that I almost did not blog this evening, but since I've skipped so many days lately, I hoisted myself up to the computer.

I've also been on a computer for probably ten hours today and really, really need a break.  Even touching the keyboard is making me nauseous.

I don't think I've posted a pic of one of the outhouses at Bread and Puppet.  It was like a mini museum. Lots to look at inside.  The outhouses are build on a swell of ground.  From them, you can look out over a tremendous meadow, ringed by trees.  This is across the street from the main compound.  Bread and Puppet is a political theater group founded in 1963 in my neighborhood.  They employ gigantic puppets which are used during their consciousness raising theater.  (Did I blog about this before?  See? I'm delirious.)

They moved up to Glover, Vermont--25 miles south of the Canadian border in 1973.  When we visited,  B&P people were cooking food outside and one young man was singing a folk song while accompanying himself on guitar.  He was trying to teach the others.

I may move up there someday.  

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