Thursday, September 6, 2012

thursday: a list

back porch at salon.  it was standing room only, so audience had to sit on the porch.  cecily took the photos last night, and due to her shortness, could only get my outfit in three parts.
for the second time in three weeks i missed a post--the only two times i've missed a day since january first.

things have really gotten intense, but it's good.  i have a couple of longer posts ready to write, but no time at all this week.  tomorrow is my catch-up day, so hopefully i can get back on track.

so, for today, i guess a short one is better than none at all.  better ones are waiting in the wings, trust me.

today's happenings:

1)  woke at 5.30 and got dressed for work.  struggled to find a cute outfit, but i think i finally succeeded, at least that's what the sales person at h & m told me tonight.

2) left the house at 6.25 a.m. with eva, anna and d.j.  we were all barely awake after the salon went so late last night.

3) wrote morning pages and prepped for class.  gave a quiz and worked with students on rhetorical analysis--specifically moving from "what" to "why" to "how."  trickier than you might think.

middle part of outfit.

4) ate too much 7-layer dip, a guilty pleasure, for lunch.

5) read wordsworth's essay, supplementary to the preface to the lyrical ballad's.  went to 18th C. seminar.

5) went to grad student creative writing meeting.

6) shopped at h&m with eva while waiting for the rush hour traffic on i-15 to go away.  got complimented on today's outfit.  eva's such a fantastic bargain shopper.  i was inspired by her diligence and creativity.  it also helps if you look fantastic in literally everything.

7) eva and i had dinner at shanghai.

bottom of the outfit:  zippered ankle boots & fishnets.
8)  listened to joe biden's "muscular" (as james carville called it, and i agree) talk at the convention on the radio while driving home.

9) got home in time to kiss kids' goodnight and watch most of president obama's speech.  and to admire the first lady's dress.  loved the one shoulder slightly off-shoulder thing.  oh, yeah, and felt inspired to be less cynical.

10) talked about how inspiring last night's salon was with christian.  seriously.  the performances were amazing.  more details on this later.


  1. Spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion . . .

    recollected in tranquility.

    I do love William--Wordsworth and Clinton. Did you see him last night? Hawt. And bossy/smart.

    1. i plan to watch william clinton's speech today. jury's out on wordsworth just now. i'll get back to you on it.

  2. Your portrait-in-thirds reminds me of playing Exquisite Corps games. I am envisioning a whole series of such photos now, maybe just of you, or of you and yours, maybe random people and you're among them—maybe these portraits-in-thirds are spiral-bound together for easy mix-and-matching. Why do I like games like this so much?

    "There is only make." I've been thinking of that a lot today. And of a need I have to tighten up—in a number of ways (not the least of which involves a new pair of skin-colored fishnets, my favorite).

    Here's an AW question: How consistent are you with your morning pages? I like reading that it's not the first thing you do when your eyes open. I like the idea of emptying my mind before doing anything else, but find I get too jealous of those first moments of the rising day. I don't like to miss the light. Still feeling around for the right schedule.

    1. the exquisite corpse idea is brilliant. someone needs to get on it (hint hint).

      re: morning pages. i usually do them a couple of hours after waking. i feel like i need to get a few concrete tasks done before i can really get into that meditative mind space. they're usually the bridge between things like making breakfast and lunches, unloading the dishwasher, getting kids off and starting my more intellectual work for the day. i started off doing them right upon waking, but it didn't work for me as well. i think whatever works for you is best. i stopped trying to be super orthodox about the whole program a few weeks in, realizing that if i did approach it othrodoxly, i would definitely fail, and give up.

      what week are you on?

  3. oh, good list! good outfit! i can't pull of leopard skin print like that. and what are those boots?? and wait a minute--you wore tights!!!!

    1. boots=h&m. more comfortable than you'd think. i guess those were my first tights of the season and i forgot to mark the occasion. dang-it. thanks for reminding me.