Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Premature Tights: A List

Some things:

1.  Prohibition Bakery finally opened, the only bakery I know of where the hootch is added AFTER baking.  S and I managed to pick up the only two virgin cupcakes there:  the beer and pretzel cupcake and the chocolatey thing I've forgotten the name of, but it had bacon in it (of course).

2.  Look below at the rock star novelists that have books out this fall!--Junot and Zadie and Chabon!  I actually was very much looking forward to the Chabon, but then I picked it up and perused (this one an authographed copy) and it didn't catch me.  It's set partially in a record store, so I was expecting it to be as glib and engaging as Hornby's High Fidelity.  That said, it's getting great reviews and is being compared to the great Victorian novels in its sheer ambition and complex structure.

 3.  With new fall fiction releases comes cooler weather and tights.  I'm afraid these were a little premature, though.  I ended up peeling them off in a restaurant bathroom.  (Look how I cropped and cropped myself to a sliver.)  I'm such a minimalist.
4.  The last sunflower of summer.  So stunning.  It stopped me in my tracks.


  1. fabulous post! i love your purple dress. and are you wearing that pleather jacket i've been hearing about? also, people: stop putting bacon in cupcakes!

  2. Julie, are you throwing gang signs? and Lara, yes to no to bacon! Not just in cupcakes. it's being served as a cocktail garnish! Oskar had "candied" bacon on his omelet the other day, and by candied, they meant sprinkled in brown sugar before taking it off the grill.

    1. of course. i'm all about the gang signs. like i told lara, i'm so sick of incongruous bacon.