Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tightness Rising

Were these gals attached to fashion week?  I hope so.  Btw,  Boohoo has some seriously cute dresses, L.

I had every plan of swinging by NY Fashion Week before work today to get some shots, like I like to do (and possibly be interviewed again in a dowdy outfit), but I just ran out of time.  This has been a season of running.  I'm working more than twice as much as I did spring semester, and then racing home to assist children, and it's really wearing on me and makes me think I need to work with a personal trainer in order to build up my stamina--either that, or make my escape.  Maybe via balloon.  

Plus, every fall, we seem to be experiencing financial tightness, no doubt as a result of me working so little summers historically.  It's not a good time of year to feel that tightness, as we deal with a slew of birthdays, holidays (Jewish, Pagan, Christian, and Pagan/Christian), plus school expenses, etc etc.  

So I need to get over being so tired.  I need to play more is what I need, something I picked up from the AW this summer, Lara, and have already forgotten.  I need to find small spaces for play, just like I'm sure Obama has to.  I was just reading this article in the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise/Scientology issue of Vanity Fair.

That said, I was excited to see the two straphangers below on my commute home.  The first gal was channeling Lolita (interesting as I had just been helping a student research the novel at work).  The second commuter--a buttoned-down business man--was reading Shel Silverstein!  L, do I need a dose of  balloons, hair ribbons, children's poetry and tights?

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  1. hee hee. the girl looks like she's in her ballet uniform with clothes thrown on top and her bun released into a pony tail. do you need to dance? love the dude reading silverstein. i hope you get some fashion week shots, or is it already too late?