Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Insatiable Appetite for Art

Tights!--well, leggings
I think it's one of my religions, Lara.  I am an unabashed in my pursuit.  I saw three events today.

1.  Circus Amok--political theater in circus clothes, with back flips, stilts, juggling, a live brass band and a real bearded lady, Jennifer Miller--one of my sheroes.

2.  Live improv jazz in celebration of John Coltrane's birthday in a community garden.

3.  The Luddites--an improv jazz group of students and grads from my kid's high school.  Tonight they performed at John Zorn's club, The Stone.

Circus Amok's show--after a three-year hiatus--was about the issue of Stop and Frisk and also how upstate New York's economy is all about the prison industry.  Through this, I got introduced to the org Milk Not Jails--which is all about reviving dairy the dying dairy farm industry.  Not very vegan for the vegans in the audience.

It did make me wonder if there was anything I could do on a grand scale, Lara.  I would like to change the world.

Jennifer Miller wields an amp
The young Luddites at The Stone
Channeling Coltrane

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