Sunday, September 2, 2012

saturday's void

farmer's market haul.  i'm making an eggplant stew for the locust salon on wednesday
i woke up with that all-too familiar fear of the bourgeoisie:  too many choices--what to do, what to wear, what to eat, how to spend the day.  i freaked out a little, worrying that i would somehow waste a precious day, but it turned out rather nicely.

1) primary series at 3 b yoga with gygi.  she's not my usual teacher, but she's great and it's always nice to work with a different teacher.

2) donuts from day's market & grocery shopping.  i haven't found donuts to rival top pot or mighty-o in seattle around these parts. still, it's something to do of a saturday morning.

3) farmer's market with lula.  we got about 25 pounds of organic locally-grown produce for 11 dollars.  including these absolutely divine cherry chocolate heirloom tomatoes.

saturday luncheon--salad of heirloom tomatoes, armenian cucumbers, lemon basil, sirloin strips and lemon

4) made a salad of market produce.

5) rehearsed cage's merce cunningham mesostics with christian for wednesday night's totally rad salon honoring john cage's 100th birthday.

6) went to salt lake h&m.  bought new dress for salon.  leopard.  & a few other things.  checked out the new city creek mall in downtown salt lake.

7) dinner at the tin angel.  i chose it because they serve tapas and a lot of small plates, which i love because you can try a lot of different things.  the espresso encrusted beef tenderloin with a port reduction sauce and gorgonzola was my favorite tapas, though the tenderloin was overcooked.  pretty much everything was a little overcooked, and some of the flavors were not balanced enough for  my taste, for example, a shrimp skewer wrapped in prosciutto was too heavy on the prosciutto so you didn't get the right mix of sweetish shrimp with a bit of prosciutto for contrast.  it was hard to taste anything but the prosciutto.  service was also meh, but that's normal for utah.  i can't think of any place in this entire state where i've had really great service.  but whatever.  it was fine-ish, and i'm a snob.  nice to know though, after a disappointing meal last saturday at mazza in salt lake, that we've got better restaurants here with communal, pizzeria 712, and black sheep cafe.

8) quick visit from eva.

9) bedtime snack of lula's unbelievably delicious kettle corn, with brown sugar and butter.

10)  watching dark passage with lauren bacall.

good night.


  1. G & I went to the farmer's market--not as cheap as Utah, but lovely. Blew a little too much on some pepper jelly. Why do I love it so? Gorgeous tomatoes and peaches, etc. Also, cherry streudel from the Czech bakery stand. G's guilty pleasure. Wished you were here, I were there, etc. xo