Saturday, September 29, 2012

on one

christian says i'm on one tonight.  he might be right. my mind is rushing, and i went through about 15 rants during our date night, even in our relaxing patio dinner at tarahumara in midway, watching the sky darken and the mountains turn into silhouettes.  even though we had driven through a stunning red-leafed provo canyon on the way to dinner.  even though i had gotten a goodly amount of work done today and should have been relaxed.

two things i can't wait to rant about at length and in great detail are this utterly horrid looking anti-public school movie,

and malick's portrayal of women in tree of life, which i saw again, in real film on a big screen two weeks ago.

oh, wait, i guess that should be "woman" since there is only one.

and since she has no name, and can't talk to another woman (since there is no other woman, and therefore the other non-woman can't have a name either).

(this means tree of life fails the bechdel test.) (most movies do.)

(ingrid interviewed allison bechdel yesterday for the bryn mawr college news & wrote this rad article for them on coming out as mormon in the shadow of romney.)

don't know why i've been feeling so rant-y lately.  so look forward to some more rants here in the coming week or two.

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